Committed to Geographic Education through Video Documentary
Who are we?
Geographers and philosophers who make documentaries about the world around us.

What do we do?
Provide geographers with a platform to reflect on their world and record their experiences.


Who am I?
I am passionate about telling the story of ‘place’. I am also excited about the frameworks that we use to think about planning, geography and land management.

Why do we do it?

People spend more time watching videos than reading. The moving image is one of the most powerful communication tools that we have. The cost of making your story into a video is getting cheaper all the time. Lots of people are out there telling the stories of the places they visit. But too many people do it badly.

It is a complicated process with a distinct language and grammar. The armchair geographer is here to assist you to turn your idea into a film that will connect with your audience.

Who is our primary audience?
The Armchair Geographer is for geographers and planners who want to tell the story of place but need guidance.

Whether it is with equipment, getting permission, understanding the issues, editing, audio, or colour processing? Perhaps you have a problem with interviews or site access?

The armchair geographer will provide a space for you to test your narrative, learn skills and investigate everything from documentary making to the philosophy of planning. It will also provide you with a space that you can use to display your ideas or discuss your filmmaking issues.

So why do we need your help? Well, to pay us to build the website and to make the training materials that you need to make yourself better at your job. We will provide a site that will allow you to learn, access training materials and post your ideas from your first thoughts all the way to completion if needed.

But what if you are not a filmmaker a philosopher or a geographer? Well, you are passionate enough to have read this or watched this video, so perhaps you are curious enough to subscribe to the website or you would just like to help us get it off the ground. Then this is the opportunity for you to subscribe to the site and make a difference. We are here to help you, so help us to get going.