The armchair geographer brings geographers and film making together. At the Armchair Geographer we are interested in how you tell your story about the places and people that you are engaged with?
If you are interested in making geography based documentary or narrative using film and video we would like you to join us on our journey of exploration, starting with our own armchairs and going out into the world to bring back stories of places and people.

The Armchair Geographer provides a vehicle for people to understand global issues, local contexts and physical world processes and solutions. But it does much more than that, it provides a place for people to get an understanding of real world solutions.

The armchair geographer will deliver a webpage, space for people to have healthy conversations about the environment and to understand the scientific, economic, social and infrastructure implications of local, regional and international actions.

• Armchair geographer is set around themes that create a framework for people to test their experience of place

• Armchair geographer covers the same themes in a range of settings to examine the outcomes; with humour, entertainment, interesting facts and take away messages.

• Armchair geographer motivates people to leave the armchair and engage the world.

• Armchair geographer showcases cities of the world and how they become the interface between culture and creative activity.