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The Armchair Geographer

The Armchair Geographer provides a vehicle for people to understand study and explain or discuss; global issues, local contexts and physical world processes and solutions. But it does much more than that, it provides a place for people to get an understanding of real world solutions. The armchair geographer will deliver a webpage, space for people to have healthy conversations about the environment and to understand the scientific, economic, social and infrastructure implications of local, regional and international actions.

Human Geography


Disruptive processes and the world around us

Everywhere we see the results of change. Changes to technology, changes to the economy, changes to our environment, changes to how we relate to each other. During the past couple of years we have seen significant issues in our manufacturing sector, transport sector and banking and finance sectors.

Physical Geography


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The Armchair Geographer is set up to allow geographers and allied interests to involve themselves in the education of the general public using video and internet technology.

Physical Geography

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