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Armchair Geographer

Explorers with Stories to Tell

Geographers with Cameras

The Armchair Geographer is a space for geographers that want to make documentaries.

I started the armchair geographer because I wanted to encourage geographers and planners to tell their stories.

And to use consistently more accessible technology.

To get the story of people and place out there.

And to lead by example because geographers understand the world and can explain it in ways others cannot.

Whatever we do, or wherever we go, we bring back amazing adventures stories.

But turning those stories into films people will want to watch can be a daunting task.

As a practising Geographer, and with experience in film from my time in the television industry, I want to enable geographers to tell their stories.

So I created the Armchair Geographer to encourage you to use modern media to tell your story; from a geographer’s perspective.

Perhaps it begins in the comfort of your armchair: That’s where you start to imagine the story. Or perhaps it is at a meal with friends? Where ever it is, it leads to planning and research. Soon you find yourself getting the gear together and beginning your big adventure. While you are out there, you collect and map lots of things. And then you get back, and the real work begins. How do we convert all of that into a story worth telling?

You have the raw data and need to process it, understand it, turn it into the written word and edit the film. But then you discover that there is much more to it; colour and sound design, effects and graphics. And what about the marketing, when should you have thought about that? And did you have any idea about the budget?

The Armchair Geographer is the place to work through your production issues even before you begin.

To understand local contexts and physical world processes and solutions and turn them into stories it takes a bit more than just waking up one morning and going out there.

That is what we like doing too, and so we would like you to join us as we begin the journey of making stories and sharing our processes with you.

The Armchair Geographer will provide a space for people to have healthy conversations about how to go out and do it.

We invite you to on the journey of a lifetime, to record it and to produce the narrative so that people can share your experience.