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    Cheap flights under 100 dollars are becoming evermore difficult to acquire nowadays. Yet, it is still possible to find many air tickets at this price knowing how to go about it. This article arms you with all the information you need to do this providing you with three concise suggestions to guide you. Firstly, I explain why you ought to always go to the airlines first. Secondly, Presented you with all the information you need about where to look on the Internet for low-cost airfares. Finally I give you some tips about the value of travel organisations as a substitute way to obtain ticket. Let’s begin then….Tip 1 – Always Defer To The Airlines FirstBefore you begin searching the net for reasonable flights your first move should invariably be to make contact with the airlines yourself. The explanation for this is that lots of airlines give you a discounted flight text service. The pace where this service updates and notifys you of recent availability may regularly be quicker than trying to find what you require on the Internet. When you buy your tickets this way they will very often be eligible for the typical air miles benefits so it’s well worth the making that call!Tip 2 – Next Go OnlineMost of the time, on-line paying for airline tickets produces the best make quickest time, particularly when you are looking at the low-cost end from the market. You’ll get the best deal the farther you intend ahead so remember this tip to see if one makes it do the job. Some airlines sell their tickets at certain times each week. To maximise your savings so that you also need to acquire this information, in most cases of thumb it is best to try in early stages Saturday mornings, as this is commonly a great time.Tip 3 – Don’t Forget Discount Travel OrganisationsDiscount travel organisations in many cases are an origin of cheap flights that numerous folks don’t take into consideration. The idea of these organisations is they search for the best airfares easy for their visitors. They also provide holiday insurance as well as other add-ons like airline travel products at reduced prices.Air tickets under $ 100 may be yours by following the easy tips given above. Make sure to focus on the airlines themselves first then progress to the net. Make sure you checkout discount travel organisations as well, because these is often a good source of cheap flight tickets as well. There we go, in conclusion this is one way to economize on air tickets.