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    Dedicated to digital strategy and consulting services, Alex Nizini (Alex) helps web professionals and software/hardware specialists plan, organize and control their product strategy. Many great-looking products fail… in reality, most do. It’s no accident. Nice people create a nice living, while smart people strategize their lives; similarly, pixel perfection alone doesn’t pay the bills – smart strategies do. Alexander Nizini knows the difference. Alex enjoys learning and possesses never taken one particular project or role that didn’t challenge him.Alexander Nizini’s skillset is different and well-polished: he is not an inventor or possibly a magic man… but an entrepreneurial and inventive specialist whose innovation could result in products that are marketable, great-looking, and profitable. Require more facts about Alex Nizini? Provide him a sample project, and he will continue to work up and demonstrate a manageable solution that you’ll like.You will get as well as Alexander Nizini and explore ideas employing a chalkboard, whiteboard or sand and sticks – anything works! Alexander is easy to achieve on Stage32 at http://www.stage32.com/profile/378779/about and so on About.me at about.me/Alexander_UX_PM_MarketingAlex Nizini is also readily available on chicago.academia.edu/AlexanderNiziniAlexNizini and on activerain.com/profile/alexander_niziniAlso find his posts on Google Scholar with this address: scholar.google.com/citations?user=b5l_gycAAAAJ&hl=en