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    Did you know you can buy productos de Extremadura? While it’s not hard to undertake it, you’ll need to be very cautious when making the purchase. To help you out here are some of the items that for you to do:Your legal rightsYou need to know your rights as being a customer. Each of your rights would be to supply the information that you might want about the creation that you might be buying. Prior to you making the purchase, you should be able to see the date of production of the product. You should also be able to see the ingredients utilized in making the food product.Additionally it is your directly to possess a cooling-off period. For most of the cases the period is seven working days. During this time you’ll be able to cancel your order whenever if you do not have ordered a perishable product. Prior to you making the purchase you need to be sure that the site you wish to purchase from offers you the cooling-off period.Things to Accept and RejectAfter you have placed the transaction the company will pack your product and send it to you within the agreed time. Once you receive the product you shouldn’t accept it unless it’s everything you ordered. As guideline you should not accept the product if:It’s dented, swollen or the can is leakingIs broken or perhaps in an imperfect packagingIs soiled or moldyYou’ve got doubts about its qualityIf you do not like the merchandise that is transmitted to you, you ought to resend it to the company and write to the company explaining the logic behind why you might have rejected it.You should watch for the company to answer your message and send you the appropriate product. If you the company doesn’t reply to your message over time as well as doesn’t send you the creation that you are looking for you should launch a complain. When filing the complaint you need to include the date of order, what you had ordered, amount paid, reference number, basis for complaint and then for any other relevant information.Discover delighted by the response that you receive from the company you need to contact the local authority where the business is based.ConclusionThis is just what you need to know about buying foods online. With an easy some time to buy the appropriate product, for you to do pursuit and only assist the reputable companies coping with the product that you are searching for.