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    See to it that they are recognized by the CPR certifying bodies such as the AHA or Red Cross.Once you successfully pass the CPR skills test in person, you can immediately get your CPR certification valid for two (2) years and renewable afterwards. Get CPR-certified right now right at your own home. Health and fitness education has assumed great importance due to the increasing awareness related to health issues and demand for fitness professionals. If you are looking forward to a career as a personal trainer, you can use the online options of fitness educators to get yourself a personal trainer certification.Personal Training – A Great Career ChoiceA personal trainer’s job involves instruction, counseling, and motivating clients in various exercise activities depending on their specific needs. If you are keen on fitness and like to help people achieve their fitness or lifestyle goals, this could be the best career for you. If you enjoy motivating people and have a great passion for fitness, you should enroll in a fitness training course online. There are a number of online schools which offer a variety of courses including primary personal training, advanced personal training and core and functional training. With a little research you can find an affordable, nationally recognized, advanced fitness certification online. Once you have successfully completed the course you can look forward to a job in a health club or choose to be self-employed with annual earnings starting from $25,000 and increasing to $50,000 a year over time.You can get certified by studying from the convenience of your home or office using a credible and monitored test available over the Internet. The course modules are streamlined to include latest information on theoretical and practical aspects of the specialty you have chosen. If you are taking the first step in the fitness industry or looking for additional fitness certifications, these courses will work very well for you. A number of institutes also provide certification workshops that are well-organized, highly educational and extremely beneficial. Getting a CPR Certification is now convenient as you can complete your preferred CPR course online and become certified. There are several courses available and several institutions and companies to take the courses from. Here is a quick guide on how to get CPR-certified online.The CPR Courses to Choose fromCPR basic courses include how to perform CPR in emergency situations, how to identify an emergency, how to apply basic life saving skills. There are also courses that integrate first aid; adult, child, and infant CPR where you can familiarize yourself on the proper use of automated external defibrillator (AED) when cardiac arrest strikes at the victim.The American Heart Association (AHA) offers Heart Saver CPR and first aid courses especially for the work place. Completing these courses can give you your CPR certification once you pass the actual skills test.The Companies to Get the Courses fromOnline courses for your CPR certification are offered at the following institutions and companies: • American Heart Association (AHA) offers CPR e-Courses consisting of theoretical modules you can take online as well as skills session and actual testing that you can schedule with a live instructor to take in person. Get CPR-certified right now right at your own home. cpr certification course online