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    How to make love using your lesbian partner? The principle tools are your hands, mouth, tongue and also other necessities.The best way to give her a memorable hand job? The perfect hand job must conclude stimulations to many people areas including her ears, neck, breasts, thighs, the back of her knees along with the last one, her naughty parts.First hug her from your back and whisper between her ears – just whisper something you like and there isn’t any specific rules as to what you might be meant to say; some dirty and seductive things are enough.A protracted, wet and deep kiss is important. The tongue is among the most flexible part of your body, so just try to make better use from it. If you are kissing your lover, put one of the hand about the back of her head; this may cause woman feel safe. Use another hand to the touch her neck and move you down towards.Most of the time, now she is going to learn to breathe more deeply and aroused because of your kiss and touch. Start exploring her body; the transaction is her collarbone, her breasts (Guess what happens to accomplish here, right?), her navel, her thighs after which time for the naughty part.It’s time to stimulate her secret part. Take a look at her mystery garden and tell her how beautiful she is as well part. Put some lubricant on the hand and make it warm slightly when you use it there. Now stimulate her inner and outer labia and clitoris with your finger – if she is watching, use your middle finger because it’s more pornographic and simpler to change her on.Blow job cannot be missed inside your sex. As a woman you should understand much more about what she likes than a man, but it’s easier to ask her opinion prior to deciding to undertake it.Most women still love the sense of penetration; you can use your fingers or adult toys including dildos or rabbit vibrators. The suggestion is fingers first then vibrators. Before penetration, make the best sex toys for lesbian couples wet enough with no matter your saliva or lubricant. Some dildos works extremely well by your partner previously; surely that creates lesbian sex more enjoyable and relaxing.