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    There are a lot of misconceptions available about Shopify Course. Most significant lies, that even many experienced marketers adopt, is always that competition is based on how much pages that are optimized for your term you are thinking about wanting to rank well for. If you search affiliate marketing forums, you can find endless forward and backward debates about the relative validity of determining the number of competing pages with all the phrase in quotes versus searching the phrase preceded through the allinititle modifier. What rarely generally seems to get raised over these heated debates between these different methods may be the following – neither of these really matter, inside the final estimation.Yes it’s true. That is what I said. Neither of the two should be one last determiner.Sure, they are a fairly useful guide. Obviously, a niche site with 1 million competing pages (whichever way you judge your competition) is going to be more difficult to rank for than a site with hundred competing optimized pages. If you see it in those broad strokes, it seems like obvious.However, where the grey area sets out to appear is when you consider that a term with five thousand competing sites the location where the top ten are optimized could be a lot more difficult to rank for than the usual term with fifty thousand competing sites in which the top 10 are pretty poorly optimized.To determine the level of optimization in the top 10 sites, you will soon think about few factors. Naturally, none of them alone will almost certainly give you the total picture, but taken together, they’re able to give you a decent guide.To begin with, take a look at how much of the visible content is in bold. Remember, Google highlights the keywords for the reason that were looked for in bold. If you find bold in the title, inside the content snippet, along with the URL – that is certainly good optimization for that keyword. That website could possibly be tough to displace with that factor.Next, take a glance at the Pr of each one listing. If you’re sincere about, you can even glance at the Pr of the baby page seems within the rankings, along with the Pr of the house page for the site it seems on. The greater each of these are, the more solid which makes their position within the rankings. You can find plugins for Mozilla Firefox that are freely available that help you quickly and easily determine Page Rank. 2 of they are SEO for Firefox and SEOQuake. My own preference is SEO for Firefox, but SEOQuake is additionally quite useful.Lastly, consider the backlinks each page has pointing into it – both for the individual page or even to the house page with the main site. You will find Mozilla Firefox plugins to help you know for sure at the same time, yet it’s equally easily dependant on conducting a simple custom search in Yahoo. You will need to put “link:” into the search box therefore the website name.Utilizing the extra little bit of time for it to vet all pages in the top 10 search results before commencing to chase a keyword gives you a much more realistic picture inside your niche research than knowing the amount of competing sites!