Author: Viv Straw

The invention that shrank the world

The intermodal container changed our world. We would never have the interconnected and global economy of today without Malcolm McLean and his system of containerization. Email: Twitter: @WendoverPro Please consider subscribing for more great videos about our world! Attributions: Northeast passage photo by Collin Knopp-Schwyn and Turkish Flame “Faster Does It” song by Kevin MacLeod Additional footage provided by VideoBlocks...

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Philosophical ideas that impact planning decisions and directions

– Viv Straw Unlike philosophers of science, planners cannot point to a single philosophical idea that drives their decision-making processes. Science and its resultant technological outputs are founded on a theoretical paradigm. The Universe is made up of materials and energy sources that act, perhaps react,  in predictable ways. This fundamental constant allows scientists to study the phenomena to find the patterns and eventually design new technologies to take advantage of research findings. For science to be successful, it is necessary to be able to repeat the test and get the same result: this is evidence based science. The...

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