Month: October 2017

While we were at the Red Cow Farm

Cooking with Wild mushrooms is not without its risks. Purchasing mushrooms at a roadside stall is not for everybody. While we were at RED COW FARM in the NSW Southern Highlands the opportunity to collect some herbs, vegetables and wild mushrooms was too good to pass up. Here the other Armchair Geographer, now known as the Cook a Borough, demonstrates a straightforward pleasure in these fruits of nature. COLLECTING YOUR MUSHROOMS IN AUSTRALIA IS A VERY DANGEROUS THING TO DO. THERE ARE MUSHROOM VARIETIES THAT LOOK QUITE EDIBLE BUT CAN KILL YOU VERY QUICKLY IF YOU ARE NOT SURE WHAT YOU ARE DOING, DO NOT PICK...

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Places to go and places to see

Located at Sutton Forest in the NSW Southern Highlands is Red Cow Farm. This picturesque little retreat is a serene haven from the summer heat and a welcome respite to weary travellers. It is also just a great place to stop and if you are interested in Australian gardens, provides something a little different to the normal. The garden is divided into sections each with its theme. A monastery garden is between an orchard and a quaint nursery. A relatively large water feature with its boat is surrounded by trees and provides a beautiful haven. Birdlife is abundant, and bees and other insects visit the flowering plants filling the air with appropriate rural atmospherics. Red Cow Farm is on the Illawarra highway at Sutton...

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