Month: December 2016

Social Epistemology and City Planning Philosophy

– Bruce Long In a previous article, we investigated the link between the traditional philosophical (core) disciplines of ontology (the study of what exists and how, which is nowadays largely subsumed under science and especially physics) and epistemology (the study of knowledge: what it is and how we get and possess it.) We found that – especially in the case of ontology – there is a very specific contemporary set of concepts and matching technologies in computer science that map to the philosophical discipline. In this article, I will focus more on the question of how epistemology relates to city planning...

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Knowledge: Glossarial Encyclopedia Entry

Author: Bruce Long Discipline: Philosophy Subdiscipline: Epistemology (The study of what knowledge is and how we get it) Categories/Topics: Epistemology, Reliabilism, Informational Epistemology, Justified True Belief, The Gettier Problem Philosopher(s):  Fred Dretske, Edmund Gettier, Alvin Goldman, Plato Relevant Work: (Refer to Amazon recommended reading at bottom of article.) Epistemology, or the study of knowledge and the nature of knowledge, is a long standing discipline in philosophy. Knowledge is most often – or historically has been most often – associated with true beliefs defined in some way. More contemporary theories of knowledge focus on the role of causality and causal chains...

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Physicalism: Encyclopedia Glossarial Entry

Author: Bruce Long Discipline: Philosophy Subdiscipline: Metaphysics (specifically ontology) Categories: Ontology, Metaphysics, Metametaphysics, Philosophy of Science Philosopher(s): Frank Jackson, Willard Van Ormand Quine, David Papineau, Michael Devitt, Jonathan Schaffer . Relevant Work: (Refer to Amazon recommended reading at bottom of article.) Physicalism is a commitment to the idea that all that exists in the world as real – all of its existents – are physical or reduce to physical things or structure(s). Determining what is real and how it exists is part of the study of science and of the philosophical discipline of ontology, which latter is a large part of the...

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